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Ballard Sport Aircraft Ltd. 
The True Sport Spirit Without Compromise
Manufacturer of the Pelican Aircraft
Building a Pelican aircraft is valuable experience that develops skills using simple techniques and basic tools. Weekend handyman will find it fun and worthwhile. All you need is a workshop space no bigger than a one car garage, a positive attitude and the will to do things right. An inexperienced builder will spend between 500 and 700 hours to complete the construction of its Sport 49% kit. The Pelican Sport regular kit will take an extra 500 hours of building time to complete depending on: added options, type of engine, avionics and level of quality of finishing. Our kits are ones of the easiest to build when compared to equivalent products being made of composite or  all metal. To convince yourself that you can build a Pelican, see examples of our builder assist documentation:
  • Kit Information
  • Construction Manual
  • Shop Material
  • Skills and tools
  • Drawings