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Ballard Sport Aircraft Ltd. 
The True Sport Spirit Without Compromise
Manufacturer of the Pelican Aircraft
Order Info
All of our Pelican kit aircraft can be purchased regular kit or 49% fastbuild kit. The Pelican Sport AULA model is only available as Ready To Fly airplane under the Canadian AULA category (available in Canada only).

Our kits are define as follow: Empennage kit, Wing kit, and Fuselage and controls kit. Engine and accessories are not included in those sub-kits and have to be purchased separately.

Except for the Ready To Fly airplane models, prices are usually given for firewall-aft airframe kits and do not include engine, propeller, avionics, instruments or any item listed as optional. Packing, crating and shipping charges are additional for all kits.

A delivery position can be secured with a deposit, see our specific purchasing conditions that apply to the selected product. At the time we receive your first deposit, we will issue a serial number and a delivery schedule for your purchase. The balance of payment is due 3 weeks before delivery. We must receive full payment for engines, instruments and accessories before they are ordered to our suppliers. For more details or please contact us.

Note: All published prices are given for your reference only and are subject to change without notice. Please contact our sales department to get current price and delivery schedule for the product you have selected. All items are subject to availability. Some engines, instruments and options are subject to long lead time from the suppliers, please take that into consideration when planning your ordering schedule.