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Ballard Sport Aircraft Ltd. 
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Manufacturer of the Pelican Aircraft
The Pelican PL
Internationaly acclaimed by aviation journalists since its introduction in 1991, the Pelican PL is a pilot’s plane with nicely harmonized controls and a generous well laid-out cockpit. The Pelican PL is a two seater, side by side, single engine high wing airplane that features a comfortable composite fuselage well adapted for cross-country flying. Professionally designed, its intellingent blend of composite and metal has inspired aircraft designers for the past two decades. It features all metal flying surfaces and its wing is of single spar single strut construction. The aircraft is available with a tricycle gear, tail dragger, floats, amphibian floats and skis. The main gear is equiped with 5 inch Cleveland wheels featuring hydraulic disk brakes. The PL was developed with the BRP Rotax 912 series of engines in mind. We offer firewall forward engine kits to customers that select these engines. It is not uncommon to see other engine installation on a Pelican.

The Pelican PL kit plane is listed in the Amateur Built category in Canada and in the Experimental / Amateur Built 51% rule with the FAA. The builder must have his airplane inspected during the building process to get its certificate of airworthiness (MDRA, TC, FAA, DGAC). It would normally take the builder between 700 and 1 200 hours of labour to complete the construction of his Pelican PL, depending on instrumentation, engine selected and level of finishing wanted.

As for all other Pelican models, the PL cabin is spacious and comfortable, instrument panel can accomodate full IFR but remains low for the front sight, and combined with its two sky lights and two side windows in the bagage compartment it provides very good visibility in all three axis. STOL characteristics are met when the wing is equiped with the dual aileron control horn that allows lowering the ailerons 12° whit full flaps down. Electricaly actuated elevator and rudder trims are available. The aircraft is available with dual control stick, dual pedal set and dual differential braking system.

The Pelican PL differs from the Pelican Sport model by its superior robustness, its thinner airfoil and a higher maximum gross weight of 1 400 lbs (636 kg). This allows for a higher cruising speed, up to 135 kts when motorized by a BRP Rotax 914 Turbo. The Pelican PL offers a nice blend of docile and sporty handling, combine with superb flying qualities, good performance in a strong, versatile and economical aircraft, making the Pelican PL the best value in its class.
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