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Ballard Sport Aircraft Ltd. 
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Manufacturer of the Pelican Aircraft
The Pelican Sport AULA

The product: Introduced in 2011, the Pelican Sport AULA is a single engine side by side two seater high wing aircraft that features a fixed gear. We offer the Pelican Sport AULA as a Ready To Fly aircraft for the Canadian Advanced UltraLight Aircraft (AULA) category. The maximum gross weight in this category is limited to 560 Kg (1 232 lbs). The Pelican Sport AULA is in fact our regular Pelican Sport 600 aircraft fully assembled in our Canadian facility that comes in specific configurations that are optimized for the training of the ultralight pilots.

The Pelican Sport is not new to the market and it benefits from more than 25 years of evolution and refinements. This worldwide recognized product is a pure Canadian design exclusively manufactured in Canada. The Pelican Sport is renowned for its flying qualities, its robustness and its low cost of operation. Our Aircrafts are designed to the DS10141-V03 Advanced UltraLight Aircraft Design Standard that was developed by the industry, approved by Transport Canada and is now maintained by the Light Aircraft Manufacturer Association of Canada (LAMAC). Our Pelican Sport AULA is now listed on the official Transport Canada List, see link http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/civilaviation/standards/general-ccarcs-advancedullist-2036.htm ,
of models eligible to be registered as Advanced UltraLight Aeroplanes in Canada.

The Pelican Sport AULA features a robust and comfortable composite fuselage well adapted for cross-country flying. Professionally designed, its intelligent blend of composite and metal has inspired aircraft designers for the past two decades. It also features all metal flying surfaces and its wing is of single spar single strut construction. Its high lift wing airfoil combined with a STOL kit, offers good STOL characteristics while sporting a cruising speed of 115 kts when motorised by a BRP Rotax 912 ULS (100 HP) engine. The STOL characteristics are achieved by a dual control horn mechanism that lowers the ailerons by 15° when flaps are full down. The aircraft offers exciting performance, nice cruising speed, great handling, solid feel and superb economy. Cabin is spacious and comfortable, instrument panel can accomodate full IFR but remains low for the front sight, and combined with its two sky lights and two side windows in the baggage compartment it provides very good visibility in all three axis. Dual stick, dual side pedal set, dual differential braking system and fixed tricycle gear are standard on this natural trainer.

The Technical Specification & Performance sheet as well as the Technical Descriptive sheet of the Pelican Sport AULA can be viewed and downloaded from our website. The descriptive also provides details of the on-board basic instrumentation required for a typical trainer aircraft. A complete list of optional equipment to meet your specific needs is also provided.

Our services: Customerization of the product in our facility; parts store; repair and maintenance shop, in-flight or container delivery; familiarization flights and training; Pelican aircraft repair and maintenance training; extended warranty; financing solutions; documentation center and customer database; airworthiness advisory, service bulletins and on-line technical support.

Our offer: Our goal is to provide you with a high quality robust trainer aircraft that is well adapted to your specific needs and this at the lowest cost possible. We would like to hear from you on what we can do to our products that would make you successful with your daily operations. Please share your thoughts with us and do not hesitate to ask us about our solutions to address your particular problems.

We are planning a Canadian coast to coast tour with our Pelican Sport AULA demonstrator aircraft later this Spring and we would like to know if you wish us stop by your facility for a demo flight. Until then we would be please to answer your questions and analyse your near future needs.

Buying: Ballard Sport Aircraft Ltd. is pleased to announce that refundable deposits are now being accepted to reserve aircraft production slots for the Pelican Sport AULA ready to fly Advanced UltraLight Aircraft. Aircraft deliveries are expected to begin by mid-year 2012. Many prospective owners have submitted requests to make a deposit and reserve their place in-line for Pelican Sport AULA aircrafts, and the opportunity to make those reservations has now arrived. On Tuesday, January 2, subscribers were given advanced information of the availability of production slot reservation via a $500 deposit. The date and time of deposit payment will be used to sequence customer orders. A letter of aknowledgement of the deposit will inform you on the expected delivery date. At this time discussion will start to define the instrument and accessory list required to customerized your aircraft. The quote including selected options will be sent to you and a sales contract agreement will be signed between the two parties before we start its production process.
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