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Ballard Sport Aircraft Ltd. 2696 du Pimbina, Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada J1R 0G3 Phone: 819 563-5847.
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Ballard Sport Aircraft Ltd. 
The True Sport Spirit Without Compromise
Manufacturer of the Pelican Aircraft

Ballard Sport Aircraft Ltd. is a privately held company founded in 2007 by Professionnal Engineer Serge Ballard. The company's headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Sherbrooke (CYSC) Quebec, Canada. Ballard Sport Aircraft Ltd. was founded to manufacture and commercialize the Pelican aircraft products.

Our vision: To become the Canadian industry leader for light sport aircraft with Advanced Ultralight aircraft products of choice for Canadian ultralight pilot training schools, through exceptional quality of product design, unmatched after-sale service, our true dedication and extended know-how of our employees.

Our mission: Design and manufacture light airplanes that:

  • meet the highest industry standards, using efficient processes that call for modern technologies and materials;

  • are robust, safe, comfortable and forgiving, while delivering sheer delight in the hands of the pilot;

  • are supported by exceptional after-sale services;

  • are affordable for recreational pilots.

Our team is small but highly skilled and we are definitely dedicated to product quality and customer service.

"Sport pilots should enjoy flying in a confortable aircraft at a reasonable cost and with the peace of mind".

This is what Sport pilots are expecting and this is what Pelican owners really get.


Serge is a private pilot since 1989. He holds a Bachelor degree in Engineering from Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal. In 1993, while looking for a replacement to his venerable Cessna 172 1956, he felt in love with the Pelican at its first sight in Mascouche, Qc, Canada. Only one flight convinced him that the Pelican was for him. He took a sabbatic and built his own Pelican PL in only 4 months. He is enjoying every flight since then. The aircraft is so good that Serge decided to buy all the assets related to the Pelican kit planes after Ultravia's bankcruptcy.

All our Pelican products were designed by an Aeronautical Engineer and they are well documented. The Pelican aircrafts are flying in more than 20 countries around the world.

The Pelican aircraft has built a solid reputation of a superior airplane over its 25+ years of existence. Read what renowned aviation journalists wrote about the Pelican:

Norm Goyer, Custom Planes: “The Pelican is much too good to be just a lucky shot. There has to be some excellent aeronautical engineering behind this fine design. (...) Well, my flight test of the aircraft was complete, and I was as convinced as ever that the Pelican is a fine-flying airplane for either training or as a sport aircraft for making short cross-country flights. It certainly deserves all the high marks I’ve given it.”

Ed Kolano, Sport Aviation: “With so many contenders for every sport aviation niche, it’s easy to be swayed by companies with glossy literature, promotional videos, and large advertizing budgets. Selecting an airplane based on these criterias, the Pelican might be overlooked, and that would be unfortunate. The Pelican is a well conceived and developed airplane. (...) Good performance and very nice handling qualities make for a fun airplane that’s easy to fly.”

Keith Beveridge, Kitplanes: “The Pelican Sport has graduated to the marks of the highly refined kitplanes available. (...) Getting the feel of the Pelican takes no time at all, especially for a pilot who has spent time behind the wheel of a Cessna 150-152.”

The Pelican aircraft is a first-class product; it is strong and easy to build. It offers excellent flight performance while keeping operational and maintenance costs among the lowest in its category.

Thank you for visting our Website and giving us the opportunity to convince you that the Pelican is the plane for You!

Serge Ballard, ceo

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