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Ballard Sport Aircraft Ltd. 2696 du Pimbina, Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada J1R 0G3 Phone: 819 563-5847.
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Ballard Sport Aircraft Ltd. 
The True Sport Spirit Without Compromise
Manufacturer of the Pelican Aircraft
Support & Services
At Ballard Sport Aircraft Ltd. customer‘s satisfaction is always our number one priority. Our relashionship with our customer does not end when the product is shipped. Benefit from our expanded customer services:
  • A complete set of detailed construction manuals for the builders and owners.
  • Maintenance manuals and Operator’s manuals.
  • Airworthiness Service Bulletins and Service Notices sent to all registered AULA owners and homebuilt owners.
  • Familiarization flights on our demo planes.
  • On line technical support to better assist Pelican builders and owners.
  • Customerization of Pelican Sport AULA aircrafts in our manufacturing facility.
  • Aircraft maintenance workshops.
  • Maintenance & Repair shop for all models.
  • Parts store.
  • In-flight or container delivery service for Pelican Sport AULA .
  • Warranty products for Pelican Sport AULA owners.

Business hours for technical support are 8 :00 to 17 :00 NA Eastern Time, Monday to Friday. Repair services and demo flights are available upon reservation only. Please call. Technical assistance is available through e-mail or phone call.