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Looking for guenuine parts

Ballard Sport Aircraft Ltd.

is the manufacturer all fabricated parts for all models of Pelican Aircraft.

All parts fabricated for the Sport 600 and the Sport AULA models are fully supported.

All parts for the PL that are common to the Sport models are available.

Some parts for the earlier models are not available any longer because the toolings were lost or destroyed over the years. Send us an e-mail with model and Serial Numer of your kit. Detail your request with photographs when you can and we will see how we can help you.

For those who are looking for guenuine parts for their Pelican aircrfat, write us an e-mail specifying your kit serial number and the part number when possible. You can find the part numbers in your kit's original check list and/or your construction manuals as well as in our drawing gallery if your aircraft is a Pelican Sport 600 or a Pelican Sport AULA.





Engine Mount:

Fuel System:


Horizontal Tail:

Main Gear:

Nose Gear:

Vertical Tail: